The Eisch family has a 300-year history of quality glass blowing - being involved in the tradition of glassmaking since 1689. The Eisch glass factory is located in the Bavarian Forest, just outside the city of Munich, Germany, founded in 1946 by Valentin Eisch. Through the subsequent years, Eisch has continued to grow; accumulating recognition and awards for the quality of the glass products they produce. Today Eisch continues to explore new and innovative techniques in glassworks for the benefit of the wine enthusiast.
Who is not familiar with the following after pouring typically a red wine, drops of the red wine run down the outside of the decanter leaving unsightly stains on the tablecloth, clothing and on the decanter itself.


A new Eisch product is the no-drip decanters, which are inspired by the way a lotus leaf sheds water, the ‘No Drop Effect’ Decanter has a specially treated rim; after pouring a wine, a bead of wine teases you by balancing on the decanter's lip, steadfastly refusing to fall onto the tablecloth - and then rolling back down into the decanter.
With the ‘No Drop Effect’ this is now virtually a thing of the past. The ‘No Drop Effect’ is based on a special surface treatment of the glass which permanently prevents wine drops from running down the outside of the decanter. The ‘No Drop Effect' technology on decanters, has given Eisch a unique position in the glass market, that differentiates them dramatically from other producers - and is an essential item for the wine connoisseur.
The ‘No Drop Effect’ reduces the forming of a drop of wine on the decanters rim when pouring, with nearly a hundred percent success - when poured in a controlled manor. The ‘No Drop Effect’ comes from a special machining technique of the glass surface which permanently reduced those wine drops running down the outer wall of the decanter.
Eisch’s trademarked ‘No Drop Effect’ keeps wine from dripping outside the decanter, while their easy-pour decanters and modern designs ensure proper aeration. Their unique designs are easy to handle and ensure the maximum contact between the wine and atmospheric oxygen allowing the wine to fully develop its ideal aromas, bouquet and letting you savour each flavour filled sip. The smooth bulb shapes are designed for wines with different levels of astringency, tannin and oak structure and age of development, plus being very artistically crafted, graceful and lending intrigue and emotion to any occasion.


Shown below is the exclusive, handmade Eisch ‘Swarovski’ Crystal 10 Carat - Duck Decanter: with the capacity of 1.5 litres - also comes in a beautiful gift box. The handle of the duck decanter is filled with Swarovski Crystals and gives the duck decanter its exclusive and stunning appearance.
The Swan Decanter - handcrafted and mouth blown by the artisans at the Eisch Glassworks in Frauenau, Germany. It is made with high quality lead-free crystal and every attention has been given to its classic detail and design; to create a Swan decanter that knows no rival.
Eisch also make a ‘Cooling’ decanter, which is handmade and double-walled, with a removable interior cavity filled with either ice-cubes or crystals. It will cool a white wine from room temperature to ideal drinking in less than the 5 minutes, stylish and simple to use. Although intended for white wines, it is also useful for keeping red wines which are sitting outside or in a warm room down to 16-18°C where they belong, doing so in just a few minutes.
All of the Eisch decanters are exclusively handmade of absolutely lead-free crystal glass. Decanters should always be washed and dried soon after use. As leaving any wine in a decanter for more than a few days can lead to hard to remove stains forming on the inside base. The ‘No Drop Effect’ will keep its unlimited effectiveness, if you avoid strong scrubbing in the coating area and do not clean the decanter in the dishwasher with harsh detergents. When using a dishwasher for decanters and wine glasses - simply use the rinse-cycle. Or hand-wash: by simply using warm water with a small amount of mild liquid detergent. For more information on cleaning decanters - CLICK HERE.