The world of wine is vibrant, constantly changing and ever so interesting. Everyday wine enthusiasts can learn and share their new experiences with good food and friends. So the following ‘Wine Quiz’ is a little bit of fun and learning for all - and for those a little more competitive a personal test of your wine knowledge.
So you think you know about wine & seafood pairing?
And you think you know the ideal wine to serve with smoked trout?
Take this short wine quiz and find out. A new wine quiz each month.

This Weeks Wine Quiz: How well do you know Wine & Seafood?


Starting things off with oysters served natural in their shell, on a bed of ice with a few slices of lemon to squeeze over if you like - which of the following is a classic pairing and will complement the oysters?

A sweeter style Pinot Gris.

Late Harvest Dessert Wine.

An old bush vine Barossa Shiraz.

A classic Chablis style white wine.
Steamed or pan-fried fillet of white fish, served with asparagus spears or broccolini on a bed of risotto - which of the following is an ideal pairing to complement these fresh flavours?

A sparkling Lambrusco.

An Oloroso Style Sherry from Spain.

A bright, young, varietal style Sauvignon Blanc.

A young, oak aged style of Cabernet Sauvignon.
You are having a classic Italian summer lunchtime dish - a sardine salad, served with olives, capers and a mixed green salad with dressing - which of the following wines is a classic pairing?


Vin Santo

Pinot Grigio

You decide to have a grilled or bbq’d fillet of salmon, well-seasoned and served with eggplant, roast cherry tomatoes and rocket salad - which of the following wines could you serve to complement all these flavours?

A light style Beaujolais served slightly chilled.

An oak-aged or barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc.

A quality, well balanced Rosé wine in a dry or off-dry style.

All of the Above.
You are lucky enough to catch or be in a restaurant serving smoked trout, served with green vegetables and a rich sauce - which of the following wines would not be an ideal pairing?


Fumé Blanc

Pouilly Fumé

Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc
You are enjoying a classic summer dish of scallops served with a light, herb infused olive oil dressing - which of the following wines would clash with the delicate flavours?


Malvasia Bianca


You are cooking or ordering some squid / calamari - served with rocket and an olive oil dressing or a dipping sauce - which of the following wines would 'overpower' the subtle flavours?



Vin Jaune

If you were in Spain or a Spanish themed restaurant and you ordered a classic seafood Paella - served with crusted rice - which of the following wines is not a classic pairing?

Amontillado Sherry

Fino Sherry

Manzanillo Sherry

Pedro Ximénez Sherry
You are grilling some fresh prawn kebabs and serving them with a sweet and sour sauce - which of the following wines would 'clash' and 'overpower' the prawns?




You are about to enjoy some crayfish or lobster - served with a light aioli or mayonnaise dipping sauce - which of the following wine styles would not be a complementary pairing?




You are about to enjoy some Thai Fish Cakes served with a red chilli-dipping sauce - which of the following wines would make the dish even 'more intense' on the palate and not pair well?




Grüner Veltliner
You are about to enjoy a slow baked fish pie, with a thick crust and a rich creamy sauce - which of the following wines would not quite step up to this dish and be 'overpowered' by the pie?

Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

Oak Aged Chardonnay

Unoaked Chardonnay

Vintage Champagne
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