Grape Varietals: 90% Vernaccia, 10% Chardonnay
Growing Region: San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
Owner / Chief Winemaker: Andrea Cecchi

Vernaccia wine from San Gimignano - an ancient hill-top Tuscan town famed for its medieval towers. Has a lengthy wine history, and since the Renaissance period has been considered one of Italy’s most noble of white wines. This Cecchi wine expresses the importance of viticultural tradition that characterizes this splendid wine region. Cecchi has been crafting this elegant Vernaccia based wine from the historical area of San Gimignano since 1988.


Their total area of land in the region covers 82 hectares, of which 48 are currently planted with vines and with a considerable area devoted to the Vernaccia di San Gimignano grape. The vineyards are located just a short distance around their Montauto winery. Their vineyards have different aspects, though all with a southern exposure. When physiologically ripe, each parcel of fruit is harvested by a combination of hand and machine in the early morning to retain varietal freshness. The vineyard team at Cecchi work hard on harvest selection and cultivation techniques with the aim of retaining all the characteristics of the grape.
The vineyards are a mix of Pliocene soil with calcareous sands. The parcels had traditional vinification at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks and off skins for approximately 18 days. The wine was then bottled some 4-5 months following the harvest and rested for another 2 months before release.
The 2013 growing season was unlike recent years, with the ripening of the grapes being a gradual one due to the cooler conditions, with full maturation arriving late. The harvested grapes were healthy and were endowed with a fine natural acidity, mineral notes and excellent varietal aromas and character.
Filling your glass is a bright pale straw colour with a citrus glow. On the nose, vibrant aromas of white flesh pip fruits, followed by a pronounced note of citrus freshness. On the palate these citrus flavours carry through, along with a note of blanched almonds and a seam of minerality all harmoniously balanced. The wine is well structured with an elegant mouth feel and refreshing acidity, leading to a persistent, lively finish. Chill and serve at 9-11°C.

An iconic Tuscan white wine, packed with vibrancy.

Drinking perfectly well this summer season; and vibrant through until the end of 2015.

Perfect wine pairing with shellfish, calamari, steamed white fish, grilled egg-plant and a freshly tossed mixed salad, enjoy.