Grape Varietal: 100% Viognier
Growing Region: Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Owner / Chief Winemaker: Peter Robertson

Making any style of dessert wine can be fraught with complications and even failure before the fruit even reaches the winery. So when Peter first told to me several years ago now - that he was making a ‘Botrytis’ Viognier - he described the process and the resulting wine as pure indulgence. Having the ideal conditions for botrytis to develop and for grapes to be affected in a balanced fashion is the prime concern during the growing season.


The majority of the fruit for this 2014 ‘Indulgence’ Viognier was sourced from their own 'Ohiti Estate' vineyard, with a third of the fruit coming from their ‘Hillside’ site out at Bridge Pa. Both sites were ideal during 2014 - being dry enough for the grapes to remain on the vines without developing rampant botrytis prematurely - giving the bunches time to intensify in complexity on the vine.
The fruit was carefully hand-picked into small bins on the 26th of April at 35 Brix. After arriving in the winery and then careful pressed, the juice was allowed to settle, the ‘must’ was then cold fermented and finally stopped when the alcohol had reached 10% - and the residual sugar ended up at 150 grams.
As you treat yourself to a glass - you will be greeted currently by a bright golden honey colour, which will darken further with age. On the nose you have the sweet nectar of honey and ripe apricots. These notes carry through onto the palate which is full, rich and sweet. The 2014 'Indulgence' Viognier is packed with ripe stone-fruits, honey, floral nectar. While there is approximately 150 grams of residual sugar, giving you a rich and rewarding mouth feel. It isn't cloying due to its balanced natural acidity, resulting in a clean and satisfying finish. Chill and served at 8-10°C.

A pure ‘indulgence’ - which you deserve.

Drinking perfectly well this year; through time will enrich it further for another 6-8 years - or until temptation wins.

Perfect wine pairing with cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, hokey-pokey ice-cream, and with a creamy blue cheese, enjoy.